Mercy Corps projects

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In May 21505109505862.JPEG017 we went to see Mercy Corps. They proposed two new project so us, Gaza Sky Geeks and a Social Venture Fund (SVF). The Social Venture fund is investing in social ventures and for-profit companies with long term impact. Mercy Corps wants to partner with ORFL. The aim of their SVF is to improve the lives of 4 million people, who will benefit from the products, services and employment opportunities generated by SVF portfolio companies by 2020. The SVF works with companies all around the word. Currently the companies they support operate in Asia, South America and Africa.


Gaza Sky Geeks is a project that works with young people from Gaza to provide them with employment opportunities. Since Gaza’s boarders have been blocked they have 43% unemployment and graduates have 70% unemployment. Gaza sky geeks wants to encourage young people to get into the technology sector and find jobs online. Gaza Sky geeks was started with seed funding from google. They provide training, networking opportunities and seed funding to start ups.