The Overseas Resources Foundation Limited

Picture12Overseas Resources Foundation Limited (ORFL) is responsible for transferring gains from our business back into society. Since we strive to be successful in the business world, we should also strive to be successful in making the world a better place. The single biggest mistake in the modern world is the decision by business management to not have a social commitment. Leadership is a responsibility not an abuse of power. We have a leadership role in our factory, in our industry, in our community and in the world. At every level we engage society and we have a responsibility to be honest, consistent and to give back. Our management and staff originate from the US, Canada, Hong Kong, China and India. Together, we have a strong social commitment. We believe we can effect positive change in the world by taking leadership in our factory, in our community and in the society in which we live.

We are a social business who believes that “profit” andcsf “charity” are separate but equal. Our operating businesses strive to make a profit while upholding the principles of corporate leadership and responsibility. Our Charitable foundation strives to give back to society the profit we earn utilizing the skills and desires of the people who helped make the profit. The business models of today reward ownership.  By definition, these models create and magnify the agendas of labor and capital.  These models allow very little for the good of society.  Our business model allows us to compete in the world of business with a common agenda. The fruits of our labor and capital are distributed back to society.  Our good fortune is shared through strengthening communities, providing education and trying to decrease poverty.

clip_image002Giving back to Communities. Doing global business happens in a context. We come from everywhere, we buy from everywhere, we make globally and we sell globally. Since we believe business has a social responsibility, we try to be active in all the communities that give our business context. Therefore, some of the places we give to are South America, India, China, Hong Kong and the USA. The initiative comes from our agents, our employees and our management. We aim to support and build communities because this gives a group of people a space to share common experiences and talk about their positive or difficult experiences, increasing interaction and creating an atmosphere of inclusion, support and a feeling of being part of something.Picture5

Education for all. We support educational facilities and programs because we believe education is an important and powerful tool. Education transfers knowledge and skills and presents opportunity to the beholder, allowing them to change either themselves or people around them. We believe that we need to teach the next generation values that have been forgotten in today’s society such as social responsibility and ethical leadership. We also believe that we need to provide alternative education to people who can’t learn in the normal mainstream.

Trying to end poverty and inequality. We are in business to make profit to return to society. The people involved in our company have had good fortune to enjoy what they do and to prosper. We believe in empowering people out of poverty through job creation. We have a responsibility to help people who have not been as fortunate as ourselves.