Homeboy Industries Covid-19 repsonse

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In 2020 ORFL decided to support Homeboy Industries. Homeboy Industries is the largest and most successful program in the country helping formerly gang-involved and incarcerated youth and adults to rehabilitate and re-enter society as contributing citizens. Founded in the 1980s, by Father Greg Boyle, Homeboy has turned around the lives of thousands of men and women via a programme that promises “jobs not jails” by providing formerly incarcerated and gang-involved individuals wrap-around social services and job-training.

ORFL supported Homeboy Industries with their covid-19 response since more than ever they are in needas most of their business have been suspended. The three they have not suspended are their catering service, bakery and café. Of course they have had to change how they operate here. It is all take away or delivery. Their catering service and café which has a commercial kitchen has the capacity to create 3500-4000 meals. Homeboy government partners LA city and California County order 1500, and homeboy industries is working to fill its capacity with its other government partners.

We want to support Homeboy Industries in continuing to provide previously incarcerated men and women rehabilitation assistance and integrating back into life. To lead happy and healthy lives as contributing members of society.

If you would like to support them or find out more information about them visit https://homeboyindustries.org/