Giving back to Jiangmen

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Managers and supervisors of our Jiangmen operation pooled their efforts and time to make a difference in their community.  Working with the poor was an eye-opening experience in 2010. In 2011, with the benefit of what they had learned trying to help their community in 2010, the team have more effectively targeted their efforts by identified pockets of poor and disabled people both in the city and in isolated communities. Following are the projects initiated by the team in 2011.

Food and Financial Support

In 2011, the team focused on helping the poor, the disabled and the elderly. In total, the team identified 161 families in need of support.  Each team member met with families to understand how they could be helped.   For the large majority of recipients, the cost of food was a major concern.  The team decided to combine a gift of basic foods with a financial donation to help them survive over the coming months.

All recipients received a large bag of rice, a large container of cooking oil and a financial donation. The amount given to each family varied according to their needs, as assessed during the interview. The names of recipients were provided by the government and were identified as disadvantaged. The team individually interviewed each family to assess their needs. The donations were made at a special event in November 2011.

Financial Aid for Students

Getting an education is one of the most effective ways of breaking the cycle of poverty and as such, this project had the biggest impact. The team set up a financial fund to help poor students finish their education. In all, 57 students benefited from this program and received varying amounts of money, depending on their individual needs.

Social Events for the Elderly and the Disabled

The team worked with the government to sponsor two separate social events: one for the elderly and another for the disabled. Both groups tend to be home-bound and suffer from loneliness. Each event was beneficial as it allowed these individuals to get out and interact with others.

Fund for Individuals in Crisis

A number of sick and/or disabled people were identified as needing special financial support. The Jiangmen team visited them individually and assessed their needs. Some of these were the families of fellow employees in crisis.