Giving Back to Jiangmen 2015

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Picture1Like in the past our Jiangmen team identified poor families to support in different ways. They were able to identify 386 families in need in different areas around Jiangmen.

Supporting the Elderly

In Canghou our Jiangmen team decided to support the poor elderly in a different way. They provided housekeeping to 20 poor elderly, who were either living alone or living with their family. These elderly people were unable to take care of themselves, or disabled.

Food and Financial Support

We donated 10kg of rice, 2litres of oil and a small financial donation to provide support to poor families living around Jiangmen. We provided support to families based in Enping, Lile, Baisha and many more. In Enping city we gave support to a wide range of different people in need. We donated supplies to people with mental and physical disabilities as well as other groups of people such as orphans.Picture2 Our Jiangmen team also found poor families in Liyue in need of help, some of these families had family members who were terminally ill or suffered from blindness.

Fund for Individuals in Crises

In Jiangmen we also have a fund for individuals. We support people who have either an unexpected accident or illness which brings on a financial burden which they are unable to pay. We can support them financially to try and ease the financial pressure.