Giving back to the Youth in Hong Kong

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On-The-Job Training for Disadvantaged Youth

Evangel Children’s Home

Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association

The Evangel Children’s Home in Hong Kong provides a Residential Home Care Service and a Day Care Service to children and youth from broken and troubled families in Wong Tai Sin. They have recently developed a new service which provides accommodation and career development for disadvantaged youth. The goal is to help these young people move easily and successfully into the job market. A few of their youth however lack the social confidence and the essentials skills necessary for entry-level jobs. This results in young people not making the transition into the work force and perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

Responding to this need, we proposed an extended training program an on-the-job training as a Program Assistant – a real job position requiring a set of skills widely required by many NGOs throughout the city. This 6 month training is expected to give the youth an excellent chance of finding permanent jobs at the end of the program. ORFL provided the salary for two trainees for a six month period beginning in January 2012.

ORFL brought together two prior recipients of our contributions: Evangel Childrens Home and the HK Down Syndrome Association (HKDSA). Evangel Childrens Home proposed two of its most disadvantaged young people for the program. HKDSA provided the jobs and will train the assistants in communication skills (oral and written), organizational skills, computer skills and the social skills required to do the job.

DSISO World Swimming Championship in Taiwan 2010

hkThe Hong Kong Down’s Syndrome Association

The HKDSA believes that people with disabilities should be given opportunities to unlock their full potential and should enjoy all opportunities in a supportive environment. To this end, they supported twenty outstanding athletes with Down Syndrome in Hong Kong who prepared and trained for months to participate in the 5th Down Syndrome World Swimming Championship held in Taiwan in October 2010. OFRL was the first contributor to financially sponsor this event and acted as a stimulus for other donors to do the same. The money was used for travel and living expenses for the athletes to attend this multi-country event.

The athletes did an outstanding job, winning 13 gold medals – more than any other country at the event!

The Stevie Awards (2011)

The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association

The Stevie Awards was founded by in 1995 by the HKDSA with the objectives of: giving recognition to persons with Down Syndrome who have made outstanding achievements, to encourage people with DS to excel by combating adverse circumstances and to enhance acceptance by the general public of the potential and talents of people with DS.

Prizes are given to the top three candidates in two separate groups: Children and Teenagers from 6 to 17 years and Adults of 18years and above. Nominations for the 2012 awards began in September and 6 winners were formally announced on March 4th.

ORFL funded the 2012 Stevie Awards, an amazing program that proves there is no limit to what candidates with Down Syndrome can achieve.

Dancing Out Of The Darkness, 2010hk1

Hong Kong Federation for the Blind

This unique project was managed by the Hong Kong Federation for the Blind. Their mission is to improve the welfare and social position of visually impaired people in Hong Kong. The ‘Dancing Out Of The Darkness’ project was designed for people who have recently and suddenly become blind due to illness. The impact of this blindness is devastating and leads to a loss of confidence and self-esteem. The result is that victims become fearful of leaving their home,

leaving them isolated and discouraged.

The Federation devised this breakthrough program which trains participants to explore the outer limits of the space around them and strengthens their other senses – all in an enjoyable and non-threatening environment. The goal was to give them the confidence to face and begin to participate in the outside world.

ORFL’s donation contributed the total cost of training two groups of people over six months.

Summer Camp for Children with Cancer (2010)

Children’s Cancer Foundation

The Children’s Cancer Foundation organized six interesting summer programs in Hong Kong for children suffering from cancer. The programs were funded by ORFL.