Extracurricular activities for vulnerable youth

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Project Centro De Vivencia Redentora


Last year ORFL supported Fundacao Semear in Brazil to enhance their current program the Centro de Vivencia Redentora (Centre of Experience Redentora). Fundacao Semear aim is to promote social inclusion, exercise of citizenship and respect for the rights and dignity of human beings.


Fundacao Semear started the Centre of Experience Redentora (CVR) in Vila Diehl. Vila Diehl has serious drug issues, children and teenagers are often used here to traffic drug. To try and get away from these bad influences CVR offers a common space for 160 vulnerable children aged 6 to 16.


CVR offers different extra curricular activities and classes which allow personal and social development and aims to develop self-esteem, confidence, responsibility and socialization. They believe through this they will be able to guide the children and young adults away from drugs and hopefully change the community.


The classes offered at CVR are:

  • Dance classes: ballet and street dance
  • Music classes: guitar and singing
  • Drama classes, Arts and crafts classes
  • Computer classes
  • Social-environmental classes
  • Citizenship classes
  • Book Club


CVR also provides medical care and daily meals for the Vila Diehl community.


The big change ORFL supported was the construction of a space that would allow the children and teenagers to show off to the community the things they learnt at the centre. This space is accessible to 300 people and has a rooftop. This project also includes an extra rainwater storage tank.