Evangel Children’s Home

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Who is Evangel Children’s Home (ECH)? They serve children and youth. They provide after school care services to youth. The Social welfare department in Hong Kong reffers youth to ECH who have families with various difficulties. ECH offers a safe space for children to grow up and learn. It also helps the children build a healthy relationship with their families if they have one. 

In 2021 ORFL supported ECH with 3 programs that help the youth learn and grow and develop as young adults.  

Personal Saving Incentive program 

This program is to teach youth at ECH how to save their money. Staff work with youth individually and come up with a 12-month saving plan. If they are able to stick to their plan they receive a money reward after the 12 months. This will help to set them up for the future. Youth who can join this program are close to leaving ECH and have to live independently. These savings can help them with a deposit to rent a flat or for many other tasks involved when leaving ECH dorms. This program benefited 26th youth at ECH. 

Scholarship Program

ORFL offers a scholarship program to help students with their studies. In 2021 5 students were awarded this scholarship. Here are the different scholarships given out 

  • Bachelor of Nursing (Hons)
  • Higher Diploma in Fashion Branding and Buying 
  • Higher Diploma in Information Technology 
  • Higher Diploma in Animation and Visual Effects 
  • Associate of Arts in Applied Chinese Studies

This is to help ECH students afford their further studies. 

Internship Program for Youth 

ECH thought a great program would be to offer a paid internship at and NGO for their youth who had poor literacy and communication skills. The NGO would help the youth build these skills and check on them periodically. The idea of the program was to prepare youth so they could integrate into the workforce easily afterwards. This year, no youth needed this internship as they all secured jobs by themselves. 

Below are some photos of youth at ECH enjoying Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn festival decorations in ECH dorms