DiverseCity 2019 Summer Program

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Screenshot 2019-06-19 at 15.42.13In 2019 ORFL decided to support DiverseCity with a donation towards their Summer Programs.


Who is DiverseCity? DiverseCity is a youth development organization that prepares tomorrow’s global citizens through health education and leadership training. The curriculum offers a fun and engaging outlet for physical activity and instruction in targeted interest areas (e.g., arts, music, sport, theatre), while simultaneously furthering students’ social and emotional growth.


DiverseCity aligns with ORFL’s mission as it promotes equity and leadership.


Who does DiverseCity serve? DiverseCity serves students across the USA from Pittsburgh to Milwaukee from grade 4-12 roughly ages 10 to 18. Thousands of youth have graduated from DiverseCity.


Differing from traditional sports camps or activity-based programs, DiverseCity offers classroom sessions whereby kids learn about themes like respect, integrity, leadership, and nutrition. It is our sincere hope that DiverseCity alumni leave not just with a better jump shot or fastball, but with a better outlook on life and the world around them.


What is the schedule for this summer? This Summer DiverseCity is running four programs from July until August 2019. Each of the programs will last a week and teach 60 students. The four programs are as follows:

  1. Girls leadership program
  2. DiverseCity Hoops program
  3. Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (WPSD) program
  4. Haverford Baseball program


ORFL’s donation will cover a lot of the programs expenses allowing the programs to be accessible to students at a reduced or zero cost. ORFL also donated to DiverseCity on the basis that they would raise matching funds. The matching donations will come through local business and individual donations. DiverseCity also receives support from local colleges, for example, their final baseball program is at Haverford and Haverford have let them use their baseball facilities for free.


Overall this 2019 summer program will teach 240 students and instill respect, integrity, empathy, tolerance, self-confidence and happiness in them. It will also teach them greater acceptance and respect for people of different race and ethnicity, gender, ability level and socioeconomic status. The students will also learn to appreciate the strengths that people different from them bring to a team.


To find out more information about DiverseCity check out their website: http://www.teamdiversecity.org/