Caritas Support for under privileged students with hygiene packages

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In 2020 one of our Hong Kong colleagues Tony found out about the charity Caritas. They are a charity that operates worldwide and follow the morals of the Catholic church. Their purpose is to serve the poor, vulnerable and marginalised of the world. While they are a catholic charity they work with people of all beliefs. Their mission is to promote charity and justice throughout the world. They work with the most disadvantaged communities and try to support the to flourish and live in peace and dignity. They work to transform lives and call for a better world with the voices of the poor heard and acted upon. They want the most disadvantaged communities to be able to influences systems the decisions and resources that affect them and to live under accountable governments.

ORFL decided to support them with their request to provide primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong with an anti-epidemic hygiene package which included: children’s masks, mask covers, hand sanitizer, sanitizing alcohol and sanitizing wet wipes. Caritas saw there was a need for these things. The education bureau resumed physical classes when risk of covid decreased, resuming school meant children from lower income families needed these supplies to keep safe while attending school.

The anti-epidemic package will be given to 500 students from ages K2-F6. They will be 100 new arrival students, 100 South Asian Children and 300 low – income grassroots families (including subdivided households, public housing households, single parents and CSSA families).

Below is a photo of a visit to Caritas by one of our colleagues and an ORFL member.

ORFL member and Caritas members

ORFL is happy to have gotten in contact with Caritas since we believe in transforming lives and protecting the poor. If you want to find out more about Caritas, visit their website and donate