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Update of ORFL support to Food Angel in 2020 ORFL. To begin with, Food Angel is a charity that receives food from restaurants and supermarkets that is close to going out of date but still in perfect condition. Food Angel chefs turn this food into healthy meals for poor and vulnerable people around Hong Kong. They receive over 35tones of surplus food a day and create over 12,000 meals each week.

They serve these meals in their Food Angel centres and also distribute them directly to the elderly, disabled and vulnerable people. However due to covid-19 they want to socially distance so started serving their meals in automated food dispenser (AFD) vending machines. Each vending machine can store 180 meals. These meals have been chilled so have to be heated before eating and can be stored for up to three days. This allows users to eat the meals whenever they need to. Our donation went towards buying the cook-chill trolleys, this is where the food is stored before being loaded into the vending machines.

There are 20 AFD’s in 7 districts across Hong Kong. These AFD’s provide 3500 meals daily to families in need of food since they are either unemployed or unemployed due to COVID-19. 

Below are photos of the cook-chill trolleys we provided food angel with.

Here is a photo of the cook-chill trolleys.

Below is a photo of the food dispenser that can be found around Hong Kong. Users get a special QR code that allows them to get the meals. The food angel app also tells them if there are meals in the dispenser. So users don’t need to go to the vending machine just to find out it is empty.

Finally here is the finished product, here are some meals that can be heated in the microwave at the convince of the user.

We are happy to support food angel in saving food from being thrown away by restaurants and giving it to those in need. Food Angel is still trying to buy and place 30 more AFD across Hong Kong to fulfil the needs of the hungry across Hong Kong. If you are interested in them their website is: