Arte em Movimento Music Teacher Support

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This year has been horrible for schools all across the world. For many years we have been supporting the school Instituição Evangélica de Novo Hamburgo. They are a private school that educate children from kindergarten to high school. We have supported them for many years because they run projects to lift up there surrounding underprivileged community.


This year they had to close and go online due to the outbreak of covid-19. This meant students were not attending school and parents were less active with IENH. IENH received far less income from student enrolment fees and far less donations to support their community projects for the underprivileged.


One of the community projects that they run is called Project Arte em movimento. It supports girls who live in shelters by providing them with singing and music lessons. This aims to build their confidence and help them concentrate on something pro-active. At the end of each year in December they also have a group performance and show off what they have learnt in the year. We feel this builds self-worth and inspires confidence in achievement.


We sent funds to support the music teacher that conducts the classes since this year due to the pandemic they did not have enough funds to pay the music teacher. Previously we had provided Arte em Movimento with funds so they could purchase multiple musical instruments, this meant during the pandemic there were enough instruments for each girl who was studying music to take an instrument home. IENH lent computers to each shelter to allow the girls to continue the classes online. During the pandemic local public schools were closed and not offering regular classes since the teachers did not have the capacity to put them online. The girls participating in Arte em Movimento were able to continue their music lessons, keep busy and prepare for their December recital.


ORFL is so happy we were able to support Arte em Movimento in this difficult time. We are happy we supported the music teacher so the lessons could continue and there is a constant in the girls lives during this difficult time. It also created a meeting space online for the girls to practice music together to keep the sense of community that they usually build in their music lessons. We hope the music lessons brought happiness, confidence and skills to the girls.