Arte em Movimento 2019

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In 2019 ORFL supported IENH. IENH runs a program called Arte em Movimento. It provides music and dance classes to girls living in shelters who are victims of violence or abandonment. Currently they serve the shelters and centres, Casa Joao Bosco, Cecrife e Querubim, Escola Municipal Affonso Pena, Escola Municipal Martha Warthenberg and Lar Colmeia. IENH go to their centres and find out if the girls who stay they are interested in music or dance classes. The girls who are interested are invited to visit IENH to see how the classes happen and to understand what they must be committed to in order to join since the classes are only offered to 40 girls. The classes run from March until December so it is a big commitment. ORFL supported IENH in four different areas: more musical instruments, dance classes, new T-shirts for the girls and provide equipment such as lighting and sound equipment to aid in the girl’s music or dance performances. we felt this support would help in the development of the self-esteem and confidence of the girls.