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In the summer of 2018 Overseas Resources Foundation Limited donated to Christ Faith Home for Children (CFHC) to help them build a boy’s dormitory. On the 1st of June 2019 it was finally opened after many storms and delays.


CFHC mission is to empower children, deserted women and people living below the poverty line through education and vocational training. Their vision is to teach people to be independent. They have a many different care programs, they have an infant care unit, a home for destitute girls and boys, a nursery, primary school, pension program for the elderly, free medical camps, service for leprosy patients and natural disaster relief and a rehabilitation service.


In 2018 CFHC asked ORFL to support them. At the end of 2015 there were intense monsoon rains in Chennai where CFHC is located. The heavy rain flooded the boy’s home which was located on the ground floor there was a lot of water damage and everything on the first floor was waterlogged. CFHC wanted help from ORFL to build a second floor for the boy’s home. A second floor would mean the boys would be safe from potential flooding during heavy rain, it would also give them more space so they would have a separate study room and sleeping hall. The second floor would provide a sleeping space for the 50 boys.


Below is a photo of the old boy’s home, it is a multi-purpose room, they use the space for studying, sleeping and dining. The point A in the photo shows the multi-purpose room.

Screenshot 2019-07-05 at 16.27.59

ORFL helped support CFHC to build a second floor. It can be seen in the photo below.


The new top floor will be used as a dormitory for the boys. This will allow them to have more space and use the bottom floor as a sick room and restroom as well as a storage room for their clothes and personal items. The bottom floor will also be used as a study hall, meeting hall and can be used for recreation.


The boys are extremely happy with their new sleeping room. They will be better prepared if there is extreme weather too and the second floor will mean they can be safe from flood water. Below is a photo from inside the new second floor.


Below is another photo of the completed dorm.


ORFL is so happy they could support CFHC and build a dorm room for the boys (the girls already had a second floor dorm room). This building looks amazing and like a place for the boys to flourish in. Thank you CFHC for all your hard work.

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