A new training block for the blind

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In December 2016 with the help of our India team we decided to support Indian Association for the Blind (IAB). We have been supporting IAB for many years. They are a South Indian based non-profit that is helping in the education, employment and rehabilitation of visually challenged people. IAB mission is “To provide comprehensive education, rehabilitation and employment opportunities for socioeconomically dis-empowered visually challenged children and youths with a special focus on those living in rural areas“. IAB has been able to educate and rehabilitate more than 19,420 visually challenged children and youths, currently they are serving 1,100 visually challenged children.


We decided to help IAB renovate one of their training blocks. There are three training blocks which were built 20 years ago. Currently, 100 visually challenged young students get trained their every year. However the buildings are old and badly ventilated.

The photos below show the different stages of renovation over the last 6 months.


The photos above show the work on the buildings. The left photo (or the first photo) shows pre-renovation 6 months ago and the photo on the right (or second photo) shows post-renovation.









These photos display the renovation of the rooms. As you can see IAB has really been able to improve the training block. On the 7th of July 2017, an opening ceremony was held for the training block. Thank you IAB for all the hard work and the continued dedication you put in to educating the blind.


Check out www.theiab.org if you would like to support them to or find out more information about IAB.



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